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Impact 100 Traverse City | Event Photographer Northern Michigan

Where do you go to look for inspiration? Some people find their creative spark in nature. Others find it in reading or storytelling. Me? I find inspiration in my fellow humans. Okay I know what you're thinking - "CORNY!" but I'm serious! Yes, sometimes, people can be awful, I won't deny that. But so many of us are here on the planet doing the best we can, and that's why when I have the privilege to attend an Impact 100 event, I'm reinvigorated with inspiration from women right here in my community. If you're not aware, Impact 100 is an organization where 100 women from the Traverse City area donate $1000 to create a $100,000 life changing grant for one lucky non-profit organization in our area. The non-profit can be anything from art related to healthcare to family oriented and anything in between. As event photographers in Northern Michigan, I'd say this is our favorite kind of event to attend. The energy in the air was palpable when they announced that this year they were able to raise over $300,000 allowing them to award not just one but THREE life changing grants to 3 very deserving non-profit organizations. Check out all the photos from their big reveal by clicking on the photo below:

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