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How to add more value to your marketing efforts | Professional Headshot Photographer | Northshore Ex

Traverse City's small business scene is booming and Northern Michigan has become a breeding ground for innovation! If you're an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to ask yourself "what am I doing to stand out among my competitors?" on a regular basis. Whatever your niche may be, one of the first places to start creating your company's brand is by having a strong online presence. You can easily create an instant bond over a digital screen with your potential customers by having photos of your actual staff on your site. It makes your brand instantly humanized, and your people can literally picture themselves working with you. The team at LeadPlan Marketing has built websites for small businesses all over Michigan and they've advised the staff at Northshore Exteriors that if they truly want to upgrade their website, they need to have staff photos. That's when Karissa reached out to our team to schedule a photo session, and we're so glad they did! Not only have they taken a huge step in connecting with their client base, but we've also given them a little boost by adding metadata that will help embed keywords onto their website when these photos are uploaded. Click on any of the photos below to be directed to their full gallery, and CLICK HERE to inquire about scheduling headshots with our team.

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