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Old Mission Peninsula Family Photos | Lighthouse Northern Michigan

If you've ever been out to the very end of Old Mission Peninsula, you know that what awaits you is a magical little lighthouse that sits nestled in the dune grass dividing East and West Bays. It's also one of our favorite locations for family photos since you get a nice wide open view of the best sunsets that Northern Michigan has to offer.

Before I go on, please let me take a moment to tell you that we are seriously the luckiest photographers in the world. We live in a place that people travel thousands of miles and save for their entire lives to visit just for a short time. Many of our clients are visitors to our region, and some of them are long time residents. Young or old, resident or tourist, The Old Mission Peninsula Lighthouse never disappoints with it's gorgeous views.

When we met up, a magical fog descended upon West Bay and the light was bending in a way I hadn't seen in a long time!

We're so excited to be sharing the photos from this perfect Northern Michigan summer evening. Click on any photo in this blog post to be directed to their full gallery.

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