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Traverse City Professional Headshot Photographer | Marina Deering

When Marina reached out to us to inquire about scheduling a professional headshot with our team, we asked how they would be used. She explained that she is an independent financial advisor along and she's also working on the Strategic Planning Team at The Botanic Garden at Historic Barns Park, and needed two different looks for her positions - one casual and one more formal. Her beautiful yard made the perfect setting for her Botanic Garden headshot, don't you think?

While she changed her attire to her more formal attire, we put up a backdrop right in her front yard because the light was just perfect. Our portable studio photography services are really handy in instances like this! Her second photo will be the one she uses to address her corporate clients - doesn't this boss lady look like a million bucks?

If you'd like to see Marina's full gallery to download either of these photos, please click on either picture in this blog post. To schedule a professional headshot photo session with our team, visit

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