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Caberfae Peaks Rustic Wedding | Scott and Alexis Schram | Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer

Well hi again, everyone!

Please let me introduce you to Scott and Alexis Schram who tied the knot recently at the beautiful Caberfae Peaks in Cadillac, MI.

This incredible couple won a contest from the talented wedding planning company It Takes 2 To Say I Do. I thoroughly loved photographing Scott & Alexis' wedding because it was so very obvious how wildly in love they are with each other. I can't imagine a more deserving couple than the Schrams to win such an amazing opportunity to plan their dream wedding in beautiful Northern Michigan!

I love sharing the answers that our couples give on their wedding application when they filled it out. Look at their hilarious responses to our questions!

  • How did you meet?

We worked together.

  • Where was your first date?

A haunted house. Although, we never made it out of the parking lot lol.

  • Describe your relationship in one word.


  • How long have you been dating?

3 1/2 very longggg years.

  • How did the proposal go down?

We went to Washington D.C. I had it planned to the exact spot that I was going to do it. After a long day of sightseeing and heat, I brought her to the Teddy Roosevelt Memorial. It is on an island in the Potomac River. You have to walk across a bridge to get there. Alexis was sweaty and tired and did not want to be there. I was pushing for just a little longer. As we were leaving the island I started my spiel halfway across the bridge. She looked at me like "why are you saying this to me?" I then got down on one knee and I think she still didn't know what was going on. Then, to top it off, I had Alexis' friend (who lives in DC) come and try to stealthily take pictures. The pics didn't turn out because of the glare from the sun. Unfortunately, nothing went as planned, but she said yes.

  • Tell us about your family! Do you have pets? Children? Blended family? Is your uncle a famous magician doing tricks at your wedding?

We have 3 sets up parents. Alexis' mom and step-dad, dad and his girlfriend, my mom and dad. I have 3 siblings, Alexis has 4. We have 6 nieces and nephews on Alexis' side. I have one grandma left who unfortunately will not be able to attend due to Alzheimer's. Alexis' paternal grandma and grandpa will be at the wedding. Alexis has a daughter who will now be mine too! We have a dog and a cat who, unfortunately, won't be in attendance. Another unfortunate thing is that neither Alexis nor I have a famous uncle who will be doing magic tricks at the wedding. Her stepdad may try to fill those shoes though....he's Canadian.

  • What are some of the hobbies you enjoy doing together?

Watching reruns of Friends over and over and over. Camping. Eat cheap good food. Kayaking.

  • What are some of your individual hobbies?

Scott - Play sports and instruments. Lift weights. Alexis - Hang out with her daughter, do family activities, bake, paint, run, and exercise.

Their wedding was absolutely incredible, and do you know what the icing on the cake was? Alexis made their cake!

Huge shout out to the team at It Takes 2 To Say I Do and all the amazing vendors who were a part of this wedding. All together this prize package was worth $15,000 and included goods/services from the following vendors:

Exposures by Rah

It Takes 2 To Say I Do

A+ Entertainment

Tented Events TC

Up North Perfection

LM Visuals

In The Stars Candles

One Oak Bride & One Oak Weekend

Natalies Bridal

Chris Smith

Miner's North Jewelers

Magic Shuttle Bus

Sable & Gray

Top Tier Cakery

Rachel Straughen Photography

Sweet Seats

Bikram Yoga

Leland Lodge

Bogey's 19th Hole

Espresso Bay

Field of Flowers

Cece Schaub

IHG Hotel

Mitten Marketplace


Yen Yoga

Boathouse Vineyards

Front Street Insurance

Check out a few of their photos here:

I wish Scott and Alexis a lifetime of love and happiness!! If you'd like to see their full wedding album, head to their gallery here:

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