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Meet the team at Audicare!

You know you're in good hands with the team of professionals at Audicare Hearing Centers! We spent Halloween in Gaylord using our fall backdrop to take photos of anyone brave enough to leave the house after that snow storm! Then a couple days later, we visited to Traverse City location and we got to know a lot of really wonderful people throughout the whole process. We also got to hang out with the coolest bat-dog EVER! If he stood on his back legs, I'm sure Louie would have been substantially taller than me, but despite his size, he was the biggest baby! Dr. Bevan and her staff are compassionate people with a knack for patient care. It was very evident how everyone who came to their events had built a great relationship with the Audicare staff, and we are proud to work with businesses & people like that. Click on the image to be directed to a gallery with some of their many satisfied patients:


If you'd like to show your clients a little love by hiring a professional photography team to take studio photos at your event, please look no further! Send us a message on social media or check out our website at

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