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Commercial Photographer Traverse City

Have you been wanting to schedule a group photo or professional headshot for your company? Our traveling team of professional photographers can help bring your vision to life! For example - we've been working with our friends at Safety Net in Traverse City for about a year and a half. Jenni has helped coordinate multiple photo sessions for their new hires to have professional headshots completed. The last time we did a round of headshots, we were also able to get a big group photo of the whole team! They were holding a conference at the Traverse City Chamber of Commerce and we decided to take advantage of the beautiful outdoor setting we were so fortunate to have. Jenni conveyed that they want to be able to use a group photo that says "Thank You" and the same photo to say "Welcome!" so they can use the photo for future mailers with slight modifications. I think everything turned out nicely, and we look forward to the next round of headshots for this awesome Traverse City business. Click on any of the photos below to be directed to their full gallery where high & low resolution photos can be downloaded.

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